Holden, Maine

Beautiful Factory Built Singlewide Homes

If you’re considering purchasing a new singlewide home, you will love our selection. Each home has its own unique characteristics with a focus on energy efficiency and minimal long-term maintenance. A singlewide home, or single section home, is a floor plan with one long section rather than multiple sections joined together. These manufactured homes can be very spacious and are available in different widths, lengths, and room configurations.

Singlewide manufactured homes don’t require you to give up quality or luxury just because you chose a smaller home. In fact, singlewides can include just as many rooms and amenities as doublewide homes. These homes are perfect for a first-time home buyer while being affordable and accommodating.

Leading Singlewide Manufacturers

Colony Homes and Titan Homes offers a beautiful selection of singlewide homes in a variety of floorplans and options to meet your living needs. Choose from one of their standard floor plans or sit down with one of our sales personnel to custom design the singlewide of your dreams.